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How ESS is helping largest Ecommerce shopping cart provider on web.

Hi Everyone.

I am overwhelmed with so much appreciation we are getting from customers all around and I am about to share this amazing testimonial given to ESS by one of our customer.

This customer is the leading shopping cart solution provider on web and they love ESS. Want to know why? Read yourself :)

Managing multiple projects across several different teams is no easy task, just ask anyone charged with juggling such duties.  3dcart, a leading eCommerce shopping cart provider, has been able to master the art in their Internet marketing division by enhancing the power of their project management system, Basecamp, with the ESS Basecamp plugin which is yielding results.

“We’ve used Basecamp to manage our projects since we launched our marketing division two years ago,” says Joe Palko, chief marketing officer at 3dcart.  “I manage several different teams with dozens of employees and I needed additional visibility into their performance and other key metrics that Basecamp doesn’t provide.  By adding the ESS Basecamp plugin, I now have access to reports and data that helps me make my teams more productive.”

The ESS Basecamp plugin provides additional levels of reporting not found in Basecamp including, charts and filters for reports that detail the businesses key performance indicators (KPIs), a better organized list of to-dos, individual user reports that focus on performance and “smart insights” into projects that allow users to uncover areas leading to productivity loss.

 “The small price we pay for the ESS Basecamp plugin each month is easily recouped many times over on a daily basis,” added Palko.  “We’ve really been able to maximize our level of productivity thanks to ESS.”

 For more information on 3dcart and the services they provide for eCommerce merchants, visit their website at  For information on the ESS Basecamp plugin, visit

We are happy to share this with you all and we hope you will find ESS more and more useful in coming time. This is to all 200+ clients for making this possible for us. We are loving it and we are not stopping :)

Share what you love about ESS in few words and we will cover your story on our blog.

Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS

Evolving with better insights

Companies which look into their own working and keep a close look on how they are performing on day/weekly/monthly basis, always evolve and learn more than other companies working on traditional basis.

This was our challenge before designing ESS. We had  a big problem to solve which user was considering very small. And up to now we are doing  a decent job in making user realize that how important the insight and good reporting is for any business.

Next thing which we have to focus on was to provide a tool which has the power to solve all the user problems with most easy to user interface.

Another thing which we will be working on forever will be to optimize the solution with evolving needs of the customer. We each day learn new things from our amazing customers and their support and love to see ESS doing good is what keeps us going.

To know more about our latest love born features for Basecamp take  a look at this page

The suggestion which I want to give to new users on ESS

  • Check user/project insights frequently: Simply do this by amazing project/user insights and reporting on your ESS Dashboard
  • Keep users updated on their performance: You can do this in two ways. First is to share ESS dashboard with them, or Second is to send them performance emails directly from ESS.
  • Team insights are important: If you have teams working in your company it is very important to create them on ESS and keep a close eye on their performance with advanced combo filters, amazing data drilling capability and custom report capability that ESS provides you.
  • Talk to us: If you feel you can help us improving ESS with either a small or big feedback please write us in few words. It takes just 2 minutes.  And we promise that we are great at listening. Plus if you have any doubt on how any feature works, shoot us with an email and we will get back to you almost instantly.

And in the end a happy news for Basecamp Classic customers. ESS for Basecamp HQ is official now. We are on Basecamp Extra page. So share the love and spread the word.

To know in detail about what is latest on your ESS. visit our feature page for Basecamp here, Redbooth here, Asana here and Basecamp HQ here

Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS.

Your multiple lives. 3 points to successful career.

Most of the people find it difficult to manage their work life and their personal lives together, and most doesn’t even know they are living these multiple lives each day. It is important to understand the difference and cope up with respective responsibilities in suitable way.

What is there to understand ?

 You are same person, but in different role at different places. With different expectations and different responsibilities. Most of us don’t clearly define this factor and that’s where problems occur. We have to close watch this defining line and maintain respectable distance to avoid work or family collisions.

If you will closely watch lives of successful people, you will find one thing same i.e they all maintain their both lives well, they have this capability from switching from one to another so quickly that you don’t even know.

So let’s learn and apply these points to maintain the balance in your work life and personal life.

  1. Be Professional: This is the biggest issue that youth faces in workplace. Being professional doesn’t mean coming to office in a suit, but it means maintaining the order and respect of place like it should be. There is a thin line between being professional and at the same time being funny. You should learn how to do it.
  2. What you want to achieve: You should always be clear of your actions, you shouldn’t just take them because someone at your position is required to take them. You execute them because you understand the consequences and implications of your actions. Once you will start assessing yourself like this you will never fail, because you would have worked out everything before taking any action. Same apply to personal life, you should be crystal clear of what you want to achieve.
  3. Honesty: Whatever you do, do it honestly. This one is the hardest and the easiest at the same time. Office politics and back bitching is not helping your career in long-term. So stop it and start working honestly. This will help you making a clean and respectable image and people will like you. And once people start linking you, they start trusting you, when they start trusting you they start looking out for you. Honesty is not only helpful in your work, but it proves to be excellent catalyst in personal relationships.

I hope you have learned from this, and if you apply these in your life, you are going to be a success in many ways.

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