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Latest on your ESS

Dear Friends,

We are happy to share that ESS for Basecamp Classic is up and running.  And soon we will get listed on their website too.

Interesting thing that I wanted to share with you guys is the new features we are introducing.

  • Project Budget: This feature will help you set budgets for any projects running on Basecamp and track the spendings and generate reports for it. This feature will be up in our integration for New Basecamp, Classic Basecamp and Redbooth  for now.
  • Time Tracking: This feature will let ESS users to track time smartly for their Basecamp Classic. With Planned hours vs Actual hours, Per project time spent, per user time spent etcetera with smart export and print functionality.
  • Visual Reporting:  As you already can generate visual reports with dozens of charts on ESS but now you will also be able to send them via email in real time to any user.
  • Smart Data Fetching: As lot of our customers were asking for this and we agree with them. This feature will enable users to fetch data from their Basecamp, Redbooth with flexibility and you can fetch the required data with more accuracy and speed.

We are continuously improving and customers are more than happy. All of yours feedback is valuable and we would love to hear from you.

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Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS

New intuitive UI with new business features.

Hello there!

From last 2 weeks we were focusing on the new UI layout for ESS Integrations. And finally it is done and you will be able to see your brand new dashboard’s  by today’s end.

A lot of customers were asking for this as the previous layout had side menu bar which was making the core functional area cramped and tables were squeezed and the fields were not visible as they should.

What’s New?

The menu has been shifted up giving users a lot more free space to view data properly and easily.

New filters in To-do/Task tab are there, which will give you new way to get custom data. A new feature for creating teams/groups on ESS and setting priority for to-do’s/task is coming. This will save you time to update any to-do’s priority on ESS Dashboard. Share your ESS Dashboard with your team, so they can easily sort out the task which are on priority for them or their team.

Plus a dozen of small features which makes your ESS best reporting and insight solution.


We are really excited to hear about this from all of you. So do check it out and share you feedback. Login to your ESS Dashboard

Stay Productive,
Raghav Shandilya.
Chief at ESS.


Performance for your business.

Have you ever desired for ultimate flexibility at your finger tips while creating business reports? If you have then read along and let me share with you how ESS is providing ultimate flexibility with dozens of filters and charts for business reporting and insights, all on your fingertips.

We have continuously been working on solutions from last year which are now running with hundreds of businesses around the globe and solving business reporting and insight problems on the fly. Continue reading