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Only when it works for you, it is really working.

Hey Everyone,

How is the month of may coming up for you? It is real hot here in our city, not joking really its hot, temperature outside our office walls is 40 degrees and that is in Celcius :)

But a small yet supercharged team is working 16 hours a day to make ESS the best reporting and insight integration available for you  and best not only in features but best in price too. Because if you can not afford it then it is no use for you.

That is why we believe in, ” Only when it works for you, it is really working.”

This last week we added several new customers into premium list and they are loving ESS and the ease which comes along.

Want to share about ESS with someone you think is really in need of good reporting and insights for their project management system?

Share our website link with them, and there is a good chance that person might be buying you dinner or a beer at-least :)

Stay Productive
Team ESS

Power of intuitive UX and UI

UI has always played a great roll in success of any web product. But it’s not all, you also need to have a much better UX. I personally believe as long as your UI is good and UX better, your product is running towards success.

We would like to hear your views on this and what you think are the basic things that define success for a web based product.

Team ESS.