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9 Ways To Harness Your Creativity (“Think Outside The Box” is Overrated)

“Think outside the box” is overrated. How about “Thinking without rules” “Thinking without limit” “Limitless thinking” or “Think above the clouds”. You cannot possibly think outside the box unless you understand the nature of the box that bounds your current thinking. It’s important to understand your current rules and conventions that guide your decision making process.

To “think outside the box” is to think beyond the ordinary or the obvious. Once you have stepped out of the box, I recommend you stay outside the box and constantly think about new ways to to get work done. Make no mistake, thinking outside the box sounds great but if not managed well can kill your business.

The following will help you stay out of the box and come up with new creative ways to achieve your personal and business goals. By thinking outside the parameters imposed by technology, creative professionals can build businesses by creating an experience that truly resonates with prospective clients.

1. It pays to keep an open mind!

Maintain a liberal, open mind, unconventional wisdom, the zeal to be different, and a nonconformist approach to Continue reading

3 Major Mistakes most SMB’s are making.

Hello Everyone.
Thanks for so much love and support. We are so pumped up to see all this response. From our Basecamp and Redbooth customers. Now we process over 300000 Insights and 13000 business reports each day on ESS. That is just the beginning :)

Let me share with you 3 mistakes that most of the SMB’s out there are making. Continue reading

How not to play your business?

It is important to understand clearly that when you reach at a scale where your business is asking to get unleashed and show its true potential and provide you returns for which it is crafted for, you have to unleash it but in an environment which you can control and monitor.

Many businesses make the mistake of getting drawn off the shore of success into the great rapids of failure. But I am sure neither one of us want to be that business!

So how to unleash your business in a controlled environment and letting it grow Continue reading