Generating insights for smarter business decisions

ESS is a productivity enhancement and automatic time tracking solution for organisation thriving to get insights on how really they are performing. ESS solves the following problem for any organisation

  • Give clear time analysis, meaning tells you how the time is being spent by your employees while they are in office and are actually working.
  • How the organisation is performing and what are the loose ends which you need to work on for more profits and better performance in same time they always had.
  • Clear workflow view, how the information is flowing and what are the trends going on in the organisation.

and lots more… Earlier we pivoted from a stealthy mode to more employee friendly mode. by that I mean that ESS is never intruding the privacy of the employee. So you can easily deploy the solution in minutes which is business friendly, smart, easy to manage and economical. All this without deploying any hardware, and ease of Web based dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere. You might also want to look at Insights which ESS is providing, we are trying to provide you most detailed reports that you can have and that you can use for smarter business decisions.

Try our BI solutions ESS BI or ESS for Basecamp

Each day is a success if you want.

In modern business cultures organisations are adopting new ways to get employee engaged, motivated and keep going in every situation. Business Managers have evolved with time and are more towards vision than direct profits.

Any organisation whether small or big, if working with same essence will definitely succeed. We will share few tips which anyone can use to make workplace more efficient, stress free and growing.

  1. Try to put day’s layout before you start work. This will help you knowing in prior where you have to reach at the end of the day.
  2. Try to make out at least 50 % of the day as productive. For example if you have 8 hours working then try to make out 3 to 3.5 hours productive. We never have to forget that we will only grow if the organisation will grow.
  3. Co-ordinated working. It has been seen that a workplace where people share responsibilities is a much easy and interesting places to work in. So our suggestions is to remove exact titles and anyone can help in anything if he/she feels like it.
  4. Culture not Rules. If there are only rules then one day or the other organisation is bound to fell as rules can be cracked. But culture is what holds an organisation deep down. So create culture from beginning not just rules.
  5. Believe in what you do. Simply do what you believe in or just hand over the work. Because a work without faith is a work without soul.
  6. And last but not least. Use ESS, it helps you in improving on every level. And in modern business trends you have to evolve and you have to know the key players inside before you look out outside. Start now at www.startess.com/signup

Stay Productive,

Team ESS

Configuring ESS Dashboard.

Configuring ESS is very simple. If you are using ESS for first time you will see this window. First Time Settings Wizard which will guide you step by step in configuring ESS in less than 5 minutes. Although all settings can be changed later on from the dashboard. You have to follow step wise these steps.

Note: The wizard will keep on occurring on each login if you have left some setting unfinished.

Wizard_Welcome Continue reading