How SMB’s are performing more than MNC’s ?

The answer to a similar question which is ” Why SMB’s perform more than MNC’s ?” is easy to figure out and often is already answered by many of us. But “How SMB’s perform more than MNC’s ?” you think whether if it is true or not ? But let me assure you it is.

The factors which drive these motivations are vast and can never be explained in exact words how each Startup or an SMB do it, because the factors can’t be calculated roughly, its like when you are young you want to do everything what ever you can, you learn with new experience and meet new people. Every new person bring something and you learn about new weird things. So is a culture in each SMB.  Continue reading

How personal habits can decide one’s future ?

People usually read biographies and stories about rich and successful. They want to learn the formula for success and adopt things which they have done and the way they have moved in similar scenarios. And I am no different ! I read which people call good stuff, learn as much as I can from the words. But why I am not a billionaire if I know how Sam Walton did it when he had the same amount of cash as I have in my account ?  That is because I am not Sam Walton. I have different scenarios, different people, different aspect, different situation, different perspective and totally a different problem to solve.

So how can I be Sam Walton ? or Richard Branson or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. The simple and plain answer is I can’t, nobody can except themselves. No matter how hard I try. And all the young entrepreneurs get inspired from successful, which is great, but they get stuck in the same virtual reality of their role model and they try to in-act everything same as their role model did.In fact they bend the situations to be same like their role model has been in one. Which is the worst thing to do.  Continue reading

ESS for Basecamp. A revolution to basecamp insights.

Hi Folks,

We are happy to tell you that ESS has launched its first integration for the world’s most popular and user-friendly Project Management solution Basecamp


The theme and vision behind ESS for Basecamp is same as with regular ESS. To provide better and smarter insights to users. Basecamp focuses on providing better solution in simplest way and that is same we are doing with ESS for Basecamp. 

We have tried to keep it simple and easy for every user. And the insights you get are awesome.

By saying that you might wanna go ahead and check it out.

And don’t forget to share with other friends using Basecamp.

Stay Productive,

Team ESS.