Taking the best out of pre-holiday time and get to know your team.

You must be on a deadline to finish some important work before you start enjoying with your family and loved ones the festive season. We all are programmed to work faster and much higher onĀ motivationĀ if we have coming holidays and we know we are going to have a great time.

Let see how can we make most out of this priceless situation and inspire and talk to our team. These festive time can be Continue reading

3 ways to impress your manager

In the busy and fast moving environment that is the modern workplace, it can sometimes be tough to make any kind of impression on your manager. Anyone who is ambitious will have to make themselves stand out from the crowd but there is a careful line that needs to be followed.

Of course you want to do your best and impress, but no one, and that includes managers, is impressed by people who spend all their time trying to earn brownie points at the expense of others. Continue reading

Auto Data Update [ESS for Basecamp Feature]

Hi Everyone,

It amazing to get all this support from all around the world. Thanks to all of you.

Ok so this is our latest update: Auto Data Update Feature in ESS for Basecamp.

What was happening till now?

Your basecamp data on ESS was updated only when you logged in to your ESS Dashboard. And this was causing delay in data calculation and application performance.

But now on every alternative day your data is automatically being refreshed on your ESS. So now whenever you login or receive a mail you will get it of the latest data on your Basecamp. Currently this automatic data update feature is available for all the customers whether using ESS Premium or ESS free version.

Stay Productive,

Team ESS.