Evolving with better insights

Companies which look into their own working and keep a close look on how they are performing on day/weekly/monthly basis, always evolve and learn more than other companies working on traditional basis.

This was our challenge before designing ESS. We had  a big problem to solve which user was considering very small. And up to now we are doing  a decent job in making user realize that how important the insight and good reporting is for any business.

Next thing which we have to focus on was to provide a tool which has the power to solve all the user problems with most easy to user interface.

Another thing which we will be working on forever will be to optimize the solution with evolving needs of the customer. We each day learn new things from our amazing customers and their support and love to see ESS doing good is what keeps us going.

To know more about our latest love born features for Basecamp take  a look at this page

The suggestion which I want to give to new users on ESS

  • Check user/project insights frequently: Simply do this by amazing project/user insights and reporting on your ESS Dashboard
  • Keep users updated on their performance: You can do this in two ways. First is to share ESS dashboard with them, or Second is to send them performance emails directly from ESS.
  • Team insights are important: If you have teams working in your company it is very important to create them on ESS and keep a close eye on their performance with advanced combo filters, amazing data drilling capability and custom report capability that ESS provides you.
  • Talk to us: If you feel you can help us improving ESS with either a small or big feedback please write us in few words. It takes just 2 minutes.  And we promise that we are great at listening. Plus if you have any doubt on how any feature works, shoot us with an email and we will get back to you almost instantly.

And in the end a happy news for Basecamp Classic customers. ESS for Basecamp HQ is official now. We are on Basecamp Extra page. So share the love and spread the word.

To know in detail about what is latest on your ESS. visit our feature page for Basecamp here, Redbooth here, Asana here and Basecamp HQ here

Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS.

Happy Pricing. Happy Customers :)

Hello Everyone,

This month of April has been very productive at ESS. We have been expanding the team and also the features.

We have made changes in our ESS for Basecamp pricing , but it is in favour of customers. Price and plan remains same . Only new features are added to each plan :)

To take a closer look at what more you will be getting please visit our pricing page here I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

We haven’t forgot other integration and customers, and this month will bring happiness to all I promise. With loads of new business friendly features.

Have a query?  Poke us on our support email support[at]startess[dot]com We respond almost instantly.

Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS

Latest on your ESS

Dear Friends,

We are happy to share that ESS for Basecamp Classic is up and running.  And soon we will get listed on their website too.

Interesting thing that I wanted to share with you guys is the new features we are introducing.

  • Project Budget: This feature will help you set budgets for any projects running on Basecamp and track the spendings and generate reports for it. This feature will be up in our integration for New Basecamp, Classic Basecamp and Redbooth  for now.
  • Time Tracking: This feature will let ESS users to track time smartly for their Basecamp Classic. With Planned hours vs Actual hours, Per project time spent, per user time spent etcetera with smart export and print functionality.
  • Visual Reporting:  As you already can generate visual reports with dozens of charts on ESS but now you will also be able to send them via email in real time to any user.
  • Smart Data Fetching: As lot of our customers were asking for this and we agree with them. This feature will enable users to fetch data from their Basecamp, Redbooth with flexibility and you can fetch the required data with more accuracy and speed.

We are continuously improving and customers are more than happy. All of yours feedback is valuable and we would love to hear from you.

To know more visit http://www.startess.com

Stay Productive

Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS