3 things to do before starting work each day.

You might be interested in knowing all these small tricks which help you in being more effective and productive at workplace.

In next few lines I will share few points which will definitely help you improving both professionally and personally. Before reading ahead you should know that it is not the big changes that matter, the small changes are the ones which make the big difference.

15 minutes Y.O.G.A

You should make a habit of meditating and practicing basic yoga  exercises each morning. This will make you emotionally stronger and physically flexible. So now you will prefer stairs over lift.

Say Cheese

This may sound like a stupid thing but just do it for few days and see the difference for yourself. What you have to do is simple as passing a soothing, positively vibed smile to every one you make eye contact with even a stranger. Smiling means a small pleasant smile, not a stupid grin.

Writing everything before you do it

When you write your tasks before doing them you keep yourself aligned. You never even forget the smallest of the task. And you know how you have to spend your day before hand. It is like seeing into the future. :)


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