Dancing the negotiation dance.


To me, negotiations of any sort are really fascinating. Often uncomfortable but always fascinating. There are three rules that I have noticed which seem to be at play no matter what the negotiation is for:

1) If you need the outcome, you’re likely to make a bad deal. If you really want the deal to go through, write a list of how you will do fine without it – before you talk!

2) If the other side respects you, you’re likely to get a good deal sooner. If the other side trusts you, the deal is likely to last. Posturing and ultimatums may work in the short term but not in the long term.

3) If you give in because you are “trying to be nice” or to give very cheap services, you may have lost the respect of the other person and they will walk all over you. It is important to maintain clear boundaries and be willing to walk if they are crossed.

Use this insights to make growth in your business and conduct smarter deals.

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