Inspiration is what you need.

It is funny how often we get lost from our path. And are strangled within the thought of our own imagination. We all need our dose of inspiration from time and we need it fast.

In recent year working environment has changed so fast that it is impossible for most of the people to cope with it and they fight more than usual to keep up with the pace.

What can we do in day to day working to inspire people working with us? How can we contribute towards the growth of our company in a big way by making tiny changes in day to day activities?

Let see how….

  1. Positive Attitude: Nothing is more lethal to a firm’s growth than a negatively motivated employee. It sounds funny but even in major players having thousands of employees across the globe a single negatively motivated employee can be responsible for catastrophic events. You can relate to office space(movie) or can relate to butterfly effect from chaos theory. So we can at least try to keep ourselves positive and suggest other to do same.
  2. Going easy: The major cause of de-motivation among employees is a angry boss, who listens less and shouts more. So if you are a boss, try some pranayama and chill. Everyone has a point of view, listen, understand and then react. Going easy doesn’t mean being non professional. So go easy and try to listen more and more.
  3. Analysis: If you are not analysing your business on periodic basis then you are doomed. Keep records of growths and falls and be one step ahead, Follow and take inspirations from market leaders. And remember work until your role models become your competitors.

Though there are endless points which you can relate to but i ask you to follow these 3 for atleast a month and you can thank me later.

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Stay Productive,
Raghav Shandilya, Chief at ESS.
@essinsights, @R_Shandilya

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