How not to play your business?

It is important to understand clearly that when you reach at a scale where your business is asking to get unleashed and show its true potential and provide you returns for which it is crafted for, you have to unleash it but in an environment which you can control and monitor.

Many businesses make the mistake of getting drawn off the shore of success into the great rapids of failure. But I am sure neither one of us want to be that business!

So how to unleash your business in a controlled environment and letting it grow exponentially but still keeping a check and track of power under your territory?


Take professional and smart steps. Because business is similar to a formula, if you miss things by small quantity, you are wrong! if you overdo something, again you go wrong!.

It is important to follow the perfect recipe to make a long-lasting and mouth-watering flavour for your customers.

So what are those recipes which make your business a must come back?

  • Be genuine to your customers
  • Be professional
  • Working smart is equally important to working hard
  • Do what you do best
  • Keep updated on the competition
  • Build a team
  • Adapt latest stable technology
  • Be flexible
  • Insights on any business matter, you can’t win by playing blind. Can you?

We help businesses in making smarter decisions for their growth.

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Stay Productive,
Raghav Shandilya[Chief at ESS]

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