3 Major Mistakes most SMB’s are making.

Hello Everyone.
Thanks for so much love and support. We are so pumped up to see all this response. From our Basecamp and Redbooth customers. Now we process over 300000 Insights and 13000 business reports each day on ESS. That is just the beginning :)

Let me share with you 3 mistakes that most of the SMB’s out there are making.

  1. They know more about their competition than their own internal working: It is good to keep an eye on the competition and focus on getting ahead, but in the process you should not ignore your business. Do understand your business is made up of people and just people.
  2. Not keeping a check of their business health: Office politics and sometimes just lazy people, that is an alarm to your business heath and you should quickly get rid of them.
  3. They approach is not performance based: Most businesses don’t have performance based approach, but it is very important to take this road as if you don’t appreciate performance you lose.

Using ESS will remove the problems which arise due to blindness in areas of performance and growth. Once you can see clearly you can start to walk properly and when you can walk you can run too.

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Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS.

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