Performance for your business.

Have you ever desired for ultimate flexibility at your finger tips while creating business reports? If you have then read along and let me share with you how ESS is providing ultimate flexibility with dozens of filters and charts for business reporting and insights, all on your fingertips.

We have continuously been working on solutions from last year which are now running with hundreds of businesses around the globe and solving business reporting and insight problems on the fly.

Today I  am sharing with you two important features which our users were demanding few weeks back and now they are enjoying them on their ESS dashboard.

Combo Filters: Yes they are here, now no more custom data drill down problem. Now you have combo filters, which means you can set each filter directly in combination with any other for that element.

Multiple User Access: Most of our customers wanted multiple user access, so that they can invite multiple team members to single dashboard and collaborate and share performance data with each other. And now you can directly invite your team members to ESS and can remove and revoke access when they leave.

We are now generating more than 200 thousand insights per day and more than 13 thousand business reports. With hundreds of businesses using ESS from around the globe.

Try out our solutions and let us help your business performing much better than it’s current potential. Visit our website for a free trial.

Stay Productive,
Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS.


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