ESS for Basecamp Classic [New Integration]

Hi there,

This will come as a big surprise to Basecamp customers, a good kind of surprise.

Next week we will be up with ESS for Basecamp Classic. That means same powerful reporting and insights for your business now for Basecamp Classic customers.

How will this work?
New user will be able to choose from their Basecamp classic account, New Basecamp account or they can choose both accounts(Multiple Accounts on single ESS Dashboard).

ESS for Basecamp Classic pricing will be same as ESS for Basecamp New pricing, and an additional plan will be there for Multiple Account Insight.

If you are a Basecamp Classic customer and want to get amazing insights and reporting for your business. Simply mail us (support[at]startess[dot]com) or sign up here and you will get the 30 day free trial as we launch next week.

Stay Productive,
Raghav Shandilya
Chief at ESS

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