How ESS is helping largest Ecommerce shopping cart provider on web.

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I am overwhelmed with so much appreciation we are getting from customers all around and I am about to share this amazing testimonial given to ESS by one of our customer.

This customer is the leading shopping cart solution provider on web and they love ESS. Want to know why? Read yourself :)

Managing multiple projects across several different teams is no easy task, just ask anyone charged with juggling such duties.  3dcart, a leading eCommerce shopping cart provider, has been able to master the art in their Internet marketing division by enhancing the power of their project management system, Basecamp, with the ESS Basecamp plugin which is yielding results.

“We’ve used Basecamp to manage our projects since we launched our marketing division two years ago,” says Joe Palko, chief marketing officer at 3dcart.  “I manage several different teams with dozens of employees and I needed additional visibility into their performance and other key metrics that Basecamp doesn’t provide.  By adding the ESS Basecamp plugin, I now have access to reports and data that helps me make my teams more productive.”

The ESS Basecamp plugin provides additional levels of reporting not found in Basecamp including, charts and filters for reports that detail the businesses key performance indicators (KPIs), a better organized list of to-dos, individual user reports that focus on performance and “smart insights” into projects that allow users to uncover areas leading to productivity loss.

 “The small price we pay for the ESS Basecamp plugin each month is easily recouped many times over on a daily basis,” added Palko.  “We’ve really been able to maximize our level of productivity thanks to ESS.”

 For more information on 3dcart and the services they provide for eCommerce merchants, visit their website at  For information on the ESS Basecamp plugin, visit

We are happy to share this with you all and we hope you will find ESS more and more useful in coming time. This is to all 200+ clients for making this possible for us. We are loving it and we are not stopping :)

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