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9 Ways To Harness Your Creativity (“Think Outside The Box” is Overrated)

“Think outside the box” is overrated. How about “Thinking without rules” “Thinking without limit” “Limitless thinking” or “Think above the clouds”. You cannot possibly think outside the box unless you understand the nature of the box that bounds your current thinking. It’s important to understand your current rules and conventions that guide your decision making process.

To “think outside the box” is to think beyond the ordinary or the obvious. Once you have stepped out of the box, I recommend you stay outside the box and constantly think about new ways to to get work done. Make no mistake, thinking outside the box sounds great but if not managed well can kill your business.

The following will help you stay out of the box and come up with new creative ways to achieve your personal and business goals. By thinking outside the parameters imposed by technology, creative professionals can build businesses by creating an experience that truly resonates with prospective clients.

1. It pays to keep an open mind!

Maintain a liberal, open mind, unconventional wisdom, the zeal to be different, and a nonconformist approach to Continue reading


Generating insights for smarter business decisions

ESS is a productivity enhancement and automatic time tracking solution for organisation thriving to get insights on how really they are performing. ESS solves the following problem for any organisation

  • Give clear time analysis, meaning tells you how the time is being spent by your employees while they are in office and are actually working.
  • How the organisation is performing and what are the loose ends which you need to work on for more profits and better performance in same time they always had.
  • Clear workflow view, how the information is flowing and what are the trends going on in the organisation.

and lots more… Earlier we pivoted from a stealthy mode to more employee friendly mode. by that I mean that ESS is never intruding the privacy of the employee. So you can easily deploy the solution in minutes which is business friendly, smart, easy to manage and economical. All this without deploying any hardware, and ease of Web based dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere. You might also want to look at Insights which ESS is providing, we are trying to provide you most detailed reports that you can have and that you can use for smarter business decisions.

Try our BI solutions ESS BI or ESS for Basecamp