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Only when it works for you, it is really working.

Hey Everyone,

How is the month of may coming up for you? It is real hot here in our city, not joking really its hot, temperature outside our office walls is 40 degrees and that is in Celcius :)

But a small yet supercharged team is working 16 hours a day to make ESS the best reporting and insight integration available for you  and best not only in features but best in price too. Because if you can not afford it then it is no use for you.

That is why we believe in, ” Only when it works for you, it is really working.”

This last week we added several new customers into premium list and they are loving ESS and the ease which comes along.

Want to share about ESS with someone you think is really in need of good reporting and insights for their project management system?

Share our website link with them http://startess.com, and there is a good chance that person might be buying you dinner or a beer at-least :)

Stay Productive
Team ESS

9 Ways To Harness Your Creativity (“Think Outside The Box” is Overrated)

“Think outside the box” is overrated. How about “Thinking without rules” “Thinking without limit” “Limitless thinking” or “Think above the clouds”. You cannot possibly think outside the box unless you understand the nature of the box that bounds your current thinking. It’s important to understand your current rules and conventions that guide your decision making process.

To “think outside the box” is to think beyond the ordinary or the obvious. Once you have stepped out of the box, I recommend you stay outside the box and constantly think about new ways to to get work done. Make no mistake, thinking outside the box sounds great but if not managed well can kill your business.

The following will help you stay out of the box and come up with new creative ways to achieve your personal and business goals. By thinking outside the parameters imposed by technology, creative professionals can build businesses by creating an experience that truly resonates with prospective clients.

1. It pays to keep an open mind!

Maintain a liberal, open mind, unconventional wisdom, the zeal to be different, and a nonconformist approach to Continue reading

Know yourself better.

Each day thousands of new businesses get started and thousands end. Is there a karmic force at work or simply set of some rules which can be followed to reach the top? Or both?

I guess both makes the balance possible. But one thing that is common in every successful organisation is that, they know their competition better. And they always try to stay ahead in every way possible. Most of the young businesses doesn’t recognize the need of Continue reading